IBD and CNC 2023

Aug 2023

The Curaçao National Championships (CNC) of CuraBox (Curaçao Boxing Association) took place in the weekend of International Boxing Day (IBD).

Thanks to the sponsors FDDK for the venue, Pro Rent BV for the crush barriers, Blue Waters for bottled water for the boxers and volunteers. Thanks to all boxing clubs, boxers and volunteers such as the competition officials and everyone who contributed.

Judge course

In the weekend of International Boxing Day (IBD) the graduates who successfully passed the judge’s exam on September 18, received their certificate.

In the photo below the graduates Prisco Francisca, Sulivien Balentien, Jasmine Willems and Raekwon Baas with the teachers Edmond Lodowica and Edwin Baas.

Six others took their exams on August 26. The results of them are not yet known.