IBD and CNC 2023

Aug 2023

The Curaçao National Championships (CNC) of CuraBox (Curaçao Boxing Association) took place in the weekend of International Boxing Day (IBD).
It was good to see that the boxers were on weight both days, as it should be. Only 3 boxers were a few hundred grams too heavy, but after a little sweating and the second attempt on the scale, they were also on weight.
All bouts were very exciting and high level.

Thanks to the sponsors FDDK for the venue, Pro Rent BV for the crush barriers, Blue Waters for bottled water for the boxers and volunteers. Thanks to all boxing clubs, boxers and volunteers such as the competition officials and everyone who contributed.




Raekwon Baas (Baas Sports) won Tahier Wilson (Kapap Centre). Baas to the final Elite male 67-71 kg.


Shermilon Susana (Supreme Boxing Centre) won Skye Prinssen (Caribbean Boxing Curacao). Susana CNC Schoolboys 44-46 kg.

Nahdir Haseth (Supreme Boxing Centre) won Claude Auguste (Supreme Boxing Centre). Haseth CNC Junior male 50-52 kg. Auguste CNC Elite male 57-60 kg.

Joa Jansen (Team Farao) won Rayen Guanipa (Baas Sports). Jansen CNC Junior male 57-60 kg.

Juna Prinssen (Caribbean Boxing Curacao) won Chiara Domacasse Coca (Immartial Athlete Centre). Domacasse CNC Junior female 57-60 kg. Prinssen CNC Elite female 57-60 kg.

Vitorio de Joode (Baas Sports) won Ozel Mack (Supreme Boxing Centre). De Joode CNC Junior male 66-70 kg.

Tahier Wilson (Kapap Center) won Sherven Maduro (Boca Boxing Club). Non-championship bout Elite male 67-71 kg.

Raychendell Bakboord (Supreme Boxing Centre) won Sirio van Es (Team Farao). Bakboord CNC Elite male 60-63.5 kg.

Fabian Williams (Supreme Boxing Centre) won Jady Gogulski (Pro-Fit). Williams CNC Elite male 63.5-67 kg.

Angel Dario Montiel Chirino (AA Boxing) won Raekwon Baas (Baas Sports). Montiel CNC Elite male 67-71 kg.

Keiber Zapata Gonzalez (Supreme Boxing Centre) won Jaydon Dania (AA Boxing). Gonzalez CNC Elite male 71-75 kg.

Judge course

In the weekend of International Boxing Day (IBD) the graduates who successfully passed the judge’s exam on September 18, received their certificate.

In the photo below the graduates Prisco Francisca, Sulivien Balentien, Jasmine Willems and Raekwon Baas with the teachers Edmond Lodowica and Edwin Baas.

Six others took their exams on August 26. The results of them are not yet known, but if they succeed they will also be listed.