CuraBox is the national umbrella organization for boxing in Curaçao.
The following clubs/teams are currently member of CuraBox (in alphabetical order).

  1. AA Boxing
  2. Baas Sports
  3. Boca Boxing Club
  4. Caribbean Boxing Curacao
  5. Cons Fitness
  6. Immartial Athlete Centre
  7. Jab Jab Kòrsou
  8. Kapap Center Curacao
  9. Pro-Fit Health & Martial Arts
  10. Showtime Boxing
  11. Supreme Boxing Centre
  12. Team Farao

With 12 clubs, the sport of boxing is widely practiced for a population of less than 150,000.
These are the clubs that participate in competition because in addition to these 12 clubs there are also many gyms that use boxing as a form of fitness, like box-fit.