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Papa Godett Trophy

May 30 @ 20:00 - 22:00

After a 9-year absence, the boxing competition for the Wilson “Papa” Godett trophy will return on Thursday evening, May 30, 2024.

Wilson ‘Papa’ Godett (1932-1995) was, in addition to a trade union leader and politician, a top boxer from Curaçao.
As a boxer, Godett was successful under the name “Papa Diamante Negro” (Papa Black Diamond). He boxed against boxers such as Jack Johnson, Sugar Boy Nando, Claude Williams, Kid Fenton, Young Tunney, Sam Langford, Fernando Spallotta, Young Joe, Young Gavilan, Hugh Serville, Battling Siki, Young Quicksilver, Jota Ruiz, Brown Bomber, Flying Kid, Kid Victor, Fighting Cougah, Baby Robinson, Kid Chocolate Jr, Tiger Jones and Kid Zorro. In 1954 he became Caribbean champion and in 1955 and 1962 middleweight champion of Curacao. After his competitive career, Wilson Godett remained active as a referee in Curacao, Aruba and Jamaica until the 1990s.

In the photo, Edwin Baas, CuraBox president, and Anthony Godett, son of Wilson ‘Papa’ Godett and former political leader, sign an agreement for the organization of the boxing program.

The boxing program on May 30 will take place from 8:00 PM at the former sede of FOL (Frente Obrero Liberashon 30 di May) and is free to the public.

Despues di 9 aña di ausensia, un programa boksistiko: “Trofeo Wilson Papa Godett” ku lo wordu organisa riba djaweps 30 di Mei 2024 anochi.

Wilson ‘Papa’ Godett (1932-1995) tabata un líder sindikato, politiko i un atleta ku a destaka su mes den e deporte di bokseo aki na Kòrsou.

Wilson Godett tabata éksitoso bou di e nomber di “Papa El Diamante Negro”. Na 1954 kampion di Karibe i na 1955 i 1962 kampeon di Kòrsou.

Riba potret: Edwin Baas, presidente di CuraBox, i Anthony Godett, yu di Wilson ‘Papa’ Godett eks-líder polítiko, firmando un akuerdo pa organisá un programa di bokseo dedika na Wilson Papa Godett.

E programa di bokseo riba 30 di mei lo tuma luga 8 or PM na e sede anterior di FOL (Frente Obrero Liberashon 30 di Mei) i lo ta gratis pa un i tur.


Na 9 jaar afwezigheid zullen de bokswedstrijden om de Wilson “Papa” Godett trofee terugkeren op donderdagavond 30 mei 2024.

Wilson ‘Papa’ Godett (1932-1995) was naast vakbondsleider en politicus een topbokser uit Curaçao.
Als bokser was Godett succesvol onder de naam “Papa Diamante Negro”. In 1954 werd hij Caribisch kampioen en in 1955 en 1962 won hij de middengewicht titel van Curaçao.

Op de foto tekenen Edwin Baas, CuraBox voorzitter, en Anthony Godett, zoon van Wilson ‘Papa’ Godett en oud politiek leider, een overeenkomst voor de organisatie van het boksprogramma.

Het boksprogramma op 30 mei zal vanaf 20:00 uur plaats vinden bij de voormalige sede van FOL (Frente Obrero Liberashon 30 di Mei) en is gratis toegankelijk voor publiek.


-71 kg 3×3 min. (NO headgear)
Shawn Pryce (Baas) born in 2002, record 1-0
Jady Gogulski (Pro-Fit) born in 2001, record 5-2 (KB 3-3)

-75 kg 3×3 min. (NO headgear)
Tahier Wilson (Kapap) born in 2002, record 1-3
Dario Montiel (Supreme) born in 2001, record 5-1

-75 kg 3×2 min. (with headgear)
Ilai Lie (Baas) born in 2008, record 1-0
Dyhzion De Jonker (Pro-Fit) born in 2007, record 0-0 (MMA 0-1)

 To make these matches possible, Jady, Tahier and Ilai have decided to box a weight class higher.

Looking for opponents for
Weight (kg.) Age div. First name Last name Team Year of Birth Record
-52 Scholar Shermilon Susana Supreme 2011 4-0
-52 Scholar Skye Prinssen Supreme 2010 4-4
-60 Scholar Martin Tariq van Lieshout Farao 2011 0-0 (KB 1-2)
-52 Youth Nahdir Haseth Supreme 2007 7-4 (KB 1-0)
-60 Youth Curtley Bernadina Supreme 2007 2-1
-57 Elite Manuel Pinheiro Kapap 1992 0-0
-57 or -60 Elite Claude Auguste Supreme 2002 6-2

If no opponents are found, exhibition bouts will be considered.
An exhibition bout between Curtley Bernadina (Supreme) and Manuel Pinheiro (Kapap) has already been agreed.



May 30
20:00 - 22:00