Supreme’s 3rd international boxing event

Oct 2023

October 28 2023, Supreme Boxing Centre organized for the 3rd time a very great international boxing event with 11 amateur bouts (under the auspices of CuraBox) and a pro-boxing fight with boxers from Curacao, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

Click on the name of the boxer to see their team and photo/profile

Lenin Imbert (DO) won by UD Skye Prinssen
Shermilon Susana won by RSC (2nd round) Daviel Martinez (DO)
Curtley Bernadina won by SD Justin Junior (DO)
Nahdir Haseth won by UD Pedro Nunez (DO)
Alondra Brito (VE) won by UD Esther Jimenez (DO)
Jady Gogulski won by RSC (1st round) Francesco Bacuzzi (DO)
Claude Auguste won by UD Hector Rojas (DO)
Raychendell Bakboord won by KO (3rd round) Edgar Fortuna (DO)
Dario Angel Montiel Chirino won by RSC (1st round) Jeuri Martinez (DO)
Fabian Williams won by RSC (3rd round) Keobenny Segura (DO)
Christine Francisca won by UD Albanery Gonzalez (DO)

Pro- boxing Keiber Gonzalez won by UD Ramon Lopez (DO)